Get on Stubs today to make your ads go from awareness to engagements.

Stubs collects on-location demographics data, matches your ads to these data, and sends your ads to the digital display nearest to your target audience -- all done in real-time.

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Be seen by over 100,000 targeted audience

Find your audience by demographics, behaviour, and location data

You have full control over your ads, including your ads budget

Reach out to your audience in real-time, wherever they are

Your ads coverage grows as we grow our largest real-time display advertising network

8 types of call-to-actions means more ways your audience can engage with your ads

How it Works

Post your ad

Sign up and post you ads on Stubs as an advertiser.

Define your target audience's demographics

Define the demographics of your intended target audience for each ad.

Define your target audience's behaviour

Define the behavioural characteristic of your intented target audience for each ad.

Set when to begin and end your ads

You have full control over your ads' durations.

You decide how much to spend

How much you want to spend on your ads is entirely up to you. The minimum budget for and ad on Stubs is RM3.00 per day per 1,000 impressions.



RM0.50 per engagement, with any one of the 8 CTA

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DOOH Media Agencies

RM10 per ad, available in blocks of 1,000 ads

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